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What do you think of this way of linking?

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I clicked on one of Jake Tapper’s posts today and saw that he has an interesting way of linking http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2011/12/obama-campaign-pounces-on-matt-romney-joke-as-evidence-father-pandering-to-dead-ender-fringe-extremists/, kind of like how I just did in that sentence there.

Personally, I’m not bothered by the style and thought it was kind of interesting. Instead of having some linked text, which hopefully gives me some idea of what I’m clicking over to (and ideally some title text to actually tell me the name of the link), I get full URLs, which in Tapper’s post are sort of descriptive. Not everyone agrees with me.

I can’t tell if this is Tapper’s personal style — I don’t read his blog regularly enough — or just something he did in this one case. It certainly doesn’t appear to be ABC News’ style, as evidenced by this post on the same blog from Devin Dwyer.

I know I’ve gone on a rant about how people should link before, and I don’t think I’m changing the link-in-text style that I have going across most of my posts, but I thought it was interesting and kind of refreshing to see it done differently.

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