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2 reasons why I had no idea who Jeremy Lin was until this morning

A photo of Jeremy Lin

Source: DvYang / Flickr

1. The character Bruno Gianelli in The West Wing episode, “College Kids”: “I have only so much RAM in my head. I have to prioritize. I have to throw some things overboard, so, I’ve chosen, for instance, not to care whether or not Purdue has a fencing team.”


(Replace “whether or not Purdue has a fencing team” with “whoever the hell plays point guard for the Knicks.”)


2. I am from Seattle.


I know who Jeremy Lin is now because my friend, Evonne, told me on Facebook.


Here are two links where you, too, can learn about who Jeremy Lin is:


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  • Anonymous

    I live in New York and I didn’t know who Jeremy Lin was until last week. So don’t feel bad.

    (Well, feel a little bad.)

  • Last I checked, New York has like a dozen professional sports teams, though, so I can understand overlooking the one that’s been more or less unproductive for the last decade.

  • Three points for the West Wing reference. 

  • Fun fact: 38% of the text on paulbalcerak.com is comprised of references to either The West Wing, Star Trek or LOST.