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Is this journalism: How to speed without getting caught


This is undeniably fascinating:

Alex Roy and co-driver David Maher crossed the continental U.S. in 31 hours, 4 minutes. … On his road-trip show “Live and Let Drive,” Roy … and Maher discuss long-distance driving, with an emphasis on speed, safety and not getting caught.

Is it journalism? I don’t know.


This is what interests me about the fact that anyone can publish. This video would never appear on the evening news. It’s arguably irresponsible. But does that make it not-journalism?


To me, a large part of journalism was always peeling back the curtain to answer How do they do that? and this video arguably satisfies that.


Still, there’s How do they make crayons? and How do you build a suitcase bomb? This video falls somewhere in between and I think it’s interesting to consider which extreme it falls closer to.

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