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Slides: How to find news with social media

Photo of someone looking through binoculars
Source: doraemon / Flickr


Earlier today, I spoke at the Associated Collegiate Press Midwinter National College Journalism Convention about how to find news stories using social media. I had an absolutely fantastic audience — lots of questions — and it was a great time.


The slides from my presentation are posted at the link below. (I had them embedded, but they were messing up some script on my home page.) They’re very visual and light on detail, though I did attach some notes, so they may not make a hell of a lot of sense if you weren’t there. If you were, maybe one or two will at least jog your memory of something you latched onto. Whatever the case, don’t be shy about asking questions (e.g. “What the hell are you talking about?”) in the comments below if you’re confused about something.



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  • One of my favorite sessions of the conference, my paper’s already talking about how to better use social media. Great job!

  •  That’s great to hear, Sean. Glad you enjoyed the session.

    Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you guys out.