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The most interesting parts of Tuesday’s NewsNext

Image of the News Next meetup

From left: Scott Sistek and Morgan Palmer


We had a great panel of speakers Tuesday night at NewsNext, and it was really satisfying for me personally, because I helped organize it and I learned a lot from it.


The topic was How Seattle Reporters Cover A Snowstorm with Social Media, and our guests were:


Here are my biggest takeaways:

Instagram has made people better photographers

Morgan mentioned he was initially reticent, as a photography “purist,” to join Instagram, but that he came around to it after seeing how useful it could be. Particularly, he said he thought Instagram has made people better photographers because it (maybe unconsciously) makes them think about picking something good to photograph and framing a shot.


People on Instagram “are trying to tell a story,” Morgan said, and they’re thinking about what they shoot, whereas someone with a simple point-and-shoot camera maybe isn’t as much.


Live-blogging is huge

Everyone talked about live-blogging and how useful it is during an ongoing news event that unfolds over several days. Two big points in making it successful, though:

  1. Make it prominent and easy to find on your home page (Sona).
  2. Know that once you’ve decided to start, you can’t stop (Morgan).


Josh Trujillo has a nerd-tastic mobile office

The seattlepi.com photographer said this is where he worked for most of the snowstorm:


A photo of Josh Trujillo's car, including a laptop mount

Credit: Josh Trujillo


The Seattle Times is hiring

They have two positions open, Sona told me:

  1. A part-time associate producer will help them manage the home page and other parts of the site. This is only a 5-month gig.
  2. They need “a digital-savvy Associate Editorial Page Editor.”


Coming in April: SXSW wrap-up

If you’re interested in attending the next News Next, it’s going to be in April — probably the third week in April — and we’re planning to invite a few people who attended South by Southwest and have them talk about the coolest stuff they saw.


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