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10 awesome Gmail features you may not know about

Image of the Gmail logo

Source: Kinologlik / Flickr

Have I mentioned how much I love Gmail? I love Gmail.

Lifehacker (have I mentioned I love it?) had a great post this weekend that you may have missed on the Top 10 Clever Tricks Built Right Into Gmail, including one I’m particularly glad to have just found out about:

8. Strip Your Emails of Annoying Text Formatting

If you’ve ever copied and pasted text into Gmail, you know how annoying it is that it keeps the text’s original formatting. If you want to turn that huge, poorly-chosen font into Gmail’s default, you don’t need to resort to pasting it in Notepad first—you can just click Gmail’s “Remove Formatting” button (yeah, I didn’t know that’s what that button did either). I’ll instantly remove the properties of all your email’s text, no hassle required.

Even if you already knew that, you’re almost certain to find at least one of the other nine interesting and useful. Follow the link for more.

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