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Ann Curry’s red dress sticks it to The Man

Photo of Ann Curry during her last day on the Today show

Ann Curry on her last day (NBC / Today via the New York Daily News)

The New York Daily News talked to a few style experts about Ann Curry’s choice of color on her last day as co-host of the Today show:

Ann Curry’s decision to wear a bright red dress on her last day as co-host on NBC’s “Today” show was a sure sign of defiance, color experts told the Daily News.

The powerful in-your-face hue signaled she was not about to be swept aside quietly by the network.

“Absolutely, without question, Ann coming out on that couch, choosing a red dress, that was not by accident,” style expert Gretta Monahan said. “That was definitely to make an impression, a lasting one – that she is here to stay one way or another.

Good for Ann.

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