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A Quick Lesson In Analytics From Pres. Obama’s Campaign Manager

Image of Pres. Obama and 2012 painted on a wall

jetheriot / Flickr

“This is the thing I’m passionate about. This campaign has to be metrics-driven. We’re gonna measure every single thing in this campaign. We’re gonna measure our door-knocks, our phone calls, how many people sign up, our email lists — we’re gonna measure everything. I’m gonna make people here measure political outreach calls. We have to measure, control, and adapt everything. If something’s working, we’re gonna go do a bunch of it. If something’s not working, we’re gonna throw it out. We’re gonna not be wedded to any single thing that we’ve done before. We’ve gotta just measure, grow, and adapt.”

Jim Messina, Pres. Obama’s 2012 campaign manager, in a video message to volunteers prior to the re-election effort.

If the metrics you need don’t exist, make them yourself.

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