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Read Your Next Social Media Post Out Loud

Picture of a red megaphone

floeschie / Flickr

My coworkers and I were chatting yesterday about Epicurious’ awful social media blunder and wondering aloud how people make mistakes like these.

I honestly don’t know, because what someone posted from that brand’s Twitter account was so stupidly insensitive it defies normal thinking. Social media obviously isn’t for everyone.

The people who get it understand that social media is a conversation. Here’s what we mean when we say that: Imagine you’re in a room full of people, watching some horrible, tragic event unfold on TV. Now say the social media post you have queued up out loud to that group. How does it sound? How do the people in the room react to your words?

That scenario is the essence of what we say when we talk about “the conversation,” “authenticity” and all those other buzzwords.

One last thing: When you can’t think of anything to say in person, you keep your mouth shut, right? Do that same thing on social.

[Update: If you find yourself struggling with when to post and when not to, Arienne Holland has a great post with some more questions you might want to ask yourself.]

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