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RSS Reader Feedly Does This Awesome Twitter (Update: And Pinterest) Trick

I flirted with NetVibes a bit after Google announced that Google Reader is going away (I, too, am still like “WTF?!?!”), but I think my ultimate decision rests with Feedly, which I’ve been using for a few weeks now.

Check out this cool trick it does that I accidentally discovered — highlight some text, and not only does it allow you to tweet directly from your feed, it also gives you a character count so you can optimize your content. No right-clicking required.

(Side note: This is how I embedded my Vine.)

Feedly’s good in a lot of other ways, too: It’s super easy to import your Google Reader subscriptions (just sign in with your Google account), it has a nice, clean look, and its iOS app is terrific. I highly recommend trying it out if you’re still looking for a new reader.

Update: Again, I was just randomly clicking around in Feedly and realized that if you’re logged in to your Pinterest account, Feedly will automatically fully integrate it and allow you to pin images from your reader:

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