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This Is Why You Want To Be On Google+

Google-Plus-LogoI’ve been a lot more active over on Google+ ever since attending Sree Sreenivasan’s talk in Seattle last month, and I’ve been really happy with my experience so far. I started interacting again at Sree’s urging. He said that even if no one is listening to what you’re saying on Google+, Google is, and that’s reason enough to be there. He meant that Google+ factors into search results, and if you post there, you have a leg up on your competition.

That’s a good reason to be there. It’s why I’m there. Or at least, it’s why I went there at first. But I’m going to give you another reason to be there that might be even more enticing. Remember Twitter back in the day, before it was plastered onto every billboard and TV show you saw? Twitter was great back then because there was less “noise,” and you could reach influential people a lot easier. That’s Google+ right now.

Go pick out 10 or so of your favorite people to follow on whatever social network you prefer right now. Look them up on Google+. Probably not all of them are there, but out of the ones who are, there are probably one or two who are a lot easier to access there than they are on Facebook and Twitter.

Oh, and Circle me. I promise I’ll share something good, and if you follow me long enough, it’ll be something good that you won’t find on Facebook or Twitter.

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