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You Know What’s Starting To Annoy Me? Links

Image of a highway at night, with light entrails from cars.

Credit: Karl Schmeck / Flickr

One of the biggest shortcomings of social media so far is that no one has come up with a good way to include links as part of the discussion.

Currently, as a consumer of links, your best option is to log in to your social network of choice, scroll to a link that looks interesting, click on it — which takes you to an entirely different site — read it, and then navigate back to your social network to comment in the thread where your friend/follow/whatever posted the link. That’s insanely clunky.

I guess I could be complicating things. I guess I could just read whatever snippet of text my friend has chosen to excerpt and comment on that, but it seems a little irresponsible to draw any conclusions from an out-of-context quote.

What are the alternatives? The best thing I can think of is some kind of pop-up shadowbox that exists on whatever social network you’re on, where the page that’s being linked to is I-framed in the box. But even that is a pop-up/link-out to someplace else.

Maybe I’m over-thinking this and it isn’t important to comment on the social post where I found the link (except, that’s how social media works). I don’t know. What do you think?

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