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The Basics

Image of Baseball on Lake Mendota ice

Source: uwdigitalcollections / Flickr

If there’s one piece of advice you can take to any profession on earth, it’s this: Master the basics.

I always think of this in terms of baseball, because the best players and teams are the ones that have the basics down. It’s simple stuff like fielding grounders, locating your pitches, knowing where the cutoff man is going to be in a given scenario.

Most people learn that stuff and then move onto the next thing — no. The most basic stuff is the stuff you should practice the most. It’s the stuff you should put 90 percent of your time into. Once you think you’ve learned it, go back and practice it again, and make a habit of doing so.

Being able to perform basic tasks to sheer perfection is how people become great, no matter what industry they’re in.

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