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Social Media: Forget The Trends; Tweak What Works

I read this great quote the other day from Frank Muytjens, the head of J.Crew’s menswear design team that made me think of social media:

It’s all about tweaking things. To me, that’s what menswear is all about. You look back at history and then you bring it back to now and make it relevant again. We take something that already exists and make small changes, and it makes all the difference.

That can be neatly applied to social media, too. The stuff with the greatest staying power isn’t gimmicky or stunty.

One of the best ways to engage a fan base on any network is still to ask a question. But there are ways to put new and interesting spins on that. Ask a question with an image. Find a popular topic and ask a question that no one else is asking. Take something that works and make it different.

Sometimes being innovative is just a matter of doing what everyone else does in your own way.

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