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How To Automatically Count Instances Of A Specific Character In Excel

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Credit: JD / Flickr

This Excel function is the most useful thing I learned all week:


The variables are A7 (whichever cell/s you want to select) and “p” (whichever character you want to count).

I had a huge CSV file of tweets — dates, tweet text, interactions, etc. — and I wanted to see what happened how interactions behaved based on how many hashtags and @ mentions I used. It would obviously take forever to read through each tweet and manually input the number of #’s and @’s, so I used this formula and customized it like so in two separate columns (one for #’s, one for @’s):



That showed me what I needed to know, and from there, I used a PivotTable to see what number of hashtags and @ mentions might be ideal for future tweets.

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