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2014 Fitness Plan: Run For ‘Fringe’


I love this tip from The New York Times on how to keep New Year’s Resolutions:

Bundle your temptations. This is one of our favorite strategies for tackling health goals, which we tested in an experiment described in a forthcoming paper in Management Science. The idea is best illustrated with a scenario: Imagine you want to exercise more but struggle to drag yourself to the gym. Imagine you also have a fondness for trashy novels but feel guilty wasting your time reading them. The solution is simple: Allow yourself to read those novels only while exercising at the gym. Our research demonstrates that when you leave your copy of “The Hunger Games” (or such) at the gym, you exercise 56 percent more often (and 61 percent of people will even pay the gym to hold their book so it is only available when exercising).

I don’t belong to a gym, and I’m even less interested in The Hunger Games. However, I would like to start running more and I loves me some Fringe; hence, Run For Fringe. Simple: If I want to watch an episode of Fringe, I have to run first. It’s doubly advantageous, too, since “paying” per episode will force me to stretch out my viewing time.

In an alternate universe, I’m already doing this.

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