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How I’m Being More Productive In My Free Time

Credit: Trekking Rinjani / Flickr

Credit: Trekking Rinjani / Flickr

I’m a hardworking guy, but I’m also a horrible procrastinator. I’ve learned how to make those two seemingly contradictory traits work in my professional life, but my personal life still needs work.

During an especially grueling week at the office, I’m prone to coming home, plopping down on the couch and vegging out for a day or two straight. By Monday morning, I’m sitting at my desk going “What the hell did I actually do this weekend?” As nice as it is to have times when I just don’t do anything—and I think that’s important—it sucks to feel like entire days or weekends are wasted.

My remedy for avoiding that is simply to ask myself a question: Was what you just did worth the time you spent on it?

It sounds too easy, but it’s actually really effective. It’s the difference between deciding in advance that I’m going to dink around online for an hour and realizing, “Holy shit, I just spent my entire evening dinking around online.”

Again, I’m not sitting here acting like a shark, where I always have to be moving. But I want my free time to feel after the fact like it was good, worth it, refreshing and well used. I want to be able to be like, “Yeah, I did this, that and that this weekend. Boom.”

If you’re a procrastinator like me and want to make more of your personal time, I highly recommend checking out this post from Business Insider, which inspired my post.

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