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Tac Anderson’s Moleskine GTD Hack

Credit: Sean McGrath / Flickr

Credit: Sean McGrath / Flickr

So since I’ve been sharing so much productivity stuff lately, I just had to pass along this link to Tac Anderson’s Moleskine GTD hack, which came to me by way of Jess Estrada. I’ve just been using it for a day, but I like it, and I can see how with a few small modifications, it could work really well for me.

My favorite part is it incorporates a work diary, which I haven’t been good enough about keeping. It’s also just a really nice way overall of organizing a notebook. Mine, up till now, has just been a scattered ongoing log of notes I jotted down when I needed to. Now, especially if I incorporate the tabs (just read the link) things will be much easier to find and refer back to.

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  • Thanks for the mention Paul. Glad you’re finding it useful. I’d really be interested in any changes you make. Always looking to improve the system.

  • No problem. One thing I’m wondering: Do you use a different notebook for notes, or do you just jot them down like a page after whatever day you’re on?

  • One notebook to rule them all. After my day map I’ll go through 2-6 pages (sometimes many more) of just notes. Then the start of the next day create a new day map.

  • Cool. I’m messing with a few different ways of doing it, and I’ll let you know if I stumble on anything genius :)

  • Gtdagenda

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  • Been doing this for a couple months now—it’s great; I love it. The only big change I’ve made so far is I’ve switched the three lists on the left: 3 things to do before noon, 3 things to do by the end of the day and 3 things to work on. Fits my schedule and overall work lifestyle a bit better.

    The one thing I suck at is opening it up when I get home. I basically get home and just deal with baby stuff, and then pass out, so, I’ll work my way up to that :)

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