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Today is my 30th birthday.

I’ve joked that I’ve been in my thirties for a while now (re: house, baby), but now it’s official. It means a lot and it doesn’t change anything at all.

In terms of taking stock of my life, I feel great. I have everything I need:

  • Oliver and Nikki
  • Health

Everything else is frosting compared to those things.

I’ve always struggled with goals, but there are two things I’ve never wavered from. First, above all, I want to be happy. Second, I want to spread that happiness in any way possible. I’ll let the world and history decide if I’ve accomplished the latter, but at the former, I’ve succeeded extraordinarily (see “everything I need” above). I’ve done so through a combination of optimism, hard work and luck

In the interest of achieving those goals in the next 10 years, here are three specific things I want to focus on:

Be better at spreading happiness

This mainly relates to being a husband and father. I only listed two things I need, but if health falls off—and it always does, eventually—I will still have what I need most. My goal then is to make sure my family knows how happy they make me, and the best way is to reciprocate as much as possible.

Be better at meeting people and making friends

At times, I’ve been a bit of a wallflower. We all have. The fact is, everyone’s shy and just wants someone to come up and talk to them. It’s the warmest feeling when you’re alone in a crowded room. Be the guy that walks up—that’s all.

Be better at sharing what I’ve been given

As I said earlier, I’ve been amazingly lucky. I’m in a position to be able to give back regularly, and one of my immediate goals is to create a structured plan for doing so.

I’m excited. My 20s we’re a blur in a lot of ways, and I’m sure my 30s will be, too (re: kids). Right now, though, it’s the present, and the future’s just starting to open up. I’m ready to boldly go.

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