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Google+ Is Dead, Unless It Works For You

Image of a Dead End sign

A favorite pastime among tech bloggers is declaring stuff “dead.” They like it even more than declaring stuff living, which is weird, but people love being able to say, “called it.”

I’m always skeptical of those kinds of predictions. Even when they’re right, and they sometimes are, “dead” doesn’t really mean dead so much as “past the event horizon of a supermassive black hole, but without noticing it, and still has a long way to go until certain doom.”

With this week’s Google+ news, I’m not even sure that’s true, so it’s a little suspect for TechCrunch to declare Google+ “Walking Dead.” Maybe they did it for clicks, maybe they just got a little overzealous—who knows? And who cares! If you’re a Google+ user, this is all that matters: Google+ is as dead as your audience there.

Should you pay attention to this stuff? Absolutely. Like any social network, you should know how much you’re getting out of it. If that ROI decreases, you should find out why and react accordingly. But don’t freak out. Just because a social network isn’t one of the popular social networks doesn’t mean it can’t work for you. Shit, you guys, there are audiences to be found on fucking MySpace.

If you spend your time chasing every fad network that pops up and jumping off old ones as soon as people start talking shit, you’re going to fail. Where’s your audience? Figure that out, and you could end up without a Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat page and be the most successful social media strategist in the room.

Photo: bill lapp / Flickr

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