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My Comment To The FCC On Net Neutrality


You can—and should—send a comment to the FCC regarding their 180-degree reversal on net neutrality. Here is what I wrote to them:

I don’t have a comment so much as a question: What is the benefit of the FCC’s recommendation in this case to the American people?

There’s an obvious and direct tie to how ISPs would benefit from this new rule—that is, they’ll be able to turn the Internet into cable TV, where there are “basic” and “premium” sites—but I don’t see how it is at all beneficial to the average American.

Currently, I enjoy the same access to all sites across the Internet. If the FCC implements this new rule, I will not—simple as that.

What is the benefit?

You can submit your own comments (Note: It took me several tries, so keep submitting until you get a confirmation page) by doing the following:

  • Go to http://www.fcc.gov/comments
  • Look for the proceeding number, 14-28, and click it.
  • Fill out the form and keep submitting it until you get a confirmation page.

Net neutrality is the only thing keeping the Internet from turning into cable TV. If you don’t want to have “premium” websites that you have to pay extra for—think YouTube, Facebook or anything else you like—make sure the FCC hears you on this.

Photo: Arbri Shamenti / Flickr

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