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Hell Yeah, Baby: It’s Time for a Time-Travel Post

A tunnel, moving really fast

Mathew Schwartz

This is one of those unfortunate I-read-this-thing-and-now-I-don’t-remember-where-so-I-can’t-attribute-it things.


I’ve been rolling this around in my head a lot lately. Paraphrasing:

Everyone always says, “Don’t touch anything if you go back in time! The slightest change could have major ramifications on the present!” But no one ever thinks anything they do in the present will have any impact on the future.



Seriously, though. That blew my mind.

I mean, look: I’m an idiot. It takes something like time travel to make me think my actions in this world matter.

I’m also a human being, though, and we all do this. What does my one little vote/donation/action/etc. matter? …Fuck, I don’t know. Maybe nothing! But even if that turned out to be the case, wouldn’t it still be worth it?

We’re living in precarious times. If there were ever a moment to do something small, this is it.

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